Chris Gallucci and Timbo


chris_bike_sepia.jpg (82297 bytes)Chris is selling his bike--it could be yours!

Chris with PosterThis not just a story about a man and an elephant. This story is about a person with no destination, a person with a huge hole through the middle of him.

It took an elephant to fill that hole.

This story is about love, honor, respect, dedication, sacrifice, and a promise. I made a promise to an elephant 30 years ago that I would stay with him until the day he died. And I did just that.

The day Timbo died was the best day of my life.

It was also the worst day because I lost my best friend

Why the best? Because I kept my promise. This outcast from society kept his word. That day I became an honorable man. That day I knew I had done something great.


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