Chris Gallucci and Timbo

About Timbo and Cora

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"They're the best friend you ever had.  The most loyal companion; one that you just can't imagine, because a human just ain't that loyal."

--Chris Gallucci


1957 - 2005

TimboTimbo was the largest and oldest African bull elephant in the US. Renowned as troublemaker he was removed from two zoos before he ended up at Shambala.  Brought to the Preserve for the filming of the movie Roar, he lived out his life at the California preserve.

"Timbo's answers are simple.  That's what I like about him.  It's not difficult and it's not complex.  His answers are: 'I need food, I need water, I need water, I need exercise, I need to have fun.  So help me do it'."



1959 - 2000

Kura and TimboKura was a performer with Circus Vargas until she broke free and almost killed a trainer.  The circus would have put her down, but the Shambala Preserve agreed to take her.

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